Buying Stats

Once you become a master you will be able to buy stat points using any spare Health you may have.

Head to the Temple of Choosing in Mileth (94,12) and speak to Aoife inside.
Select "Master Stats", read through the dialogue, then select "yes" when asked to continue. You will be then given a choice of the 5 statistics. You may continue to spend health on stats until you reach your class's base Health.

Each stat you buy costs 150 Health.

See Ascending to buy more Health using Experience.

Below is the maximum base stats for each class.
Max Stats
I recommend buying enough to get between 5 and 10 stats. (750-1500 Health, 150 per stat)
You will save some time and a load of stress and only costs a little more experience than doing a smaller amount.

Stat Reallocation

Some classes may want to reallocate some stats after maxing. This means moving 5 stat points from one statistic to another.
Make sure the relocation will be beneficial to your class before moving any stats.

You cannot move from a stat that is 100 or less.
You cannot relocate to a stat that is 101 or higher.

some common reallocations are:
Warrior: relocate to Wis.
Wizard: relocate to Str.
Priest: relocate to Str.
Monk (Bashers): Relocate to Dex.
Monk (Casters): Relocate to Wis.
Rogue: Relocate to Int and Wis.

I always try to relocate to strength for the little extra carry weight when possible.
Intellect is good for bards, summoners, birds and archers.
Unless you are a Bard with more than 255 wis I don't recommend relocating from wis because of wis' increased mana regen speed property.
Unless you are a Druid with more than 255 con I don't recommend relocating from con because of con's increased health regen speed property.
Dex is the worst stat feel free to relocate from it on any class.

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