Boss Tactics

Sometimes a big sword won't be enough. You'll need some knowledge to survive the more difficult encounters.

Porte Forest - Red Mantis
Karlopos Island - King Octopus
Beal na Carriage - Two-Face
Eingren Manor - Demon Headmaster
Cursed Homes - Cursed Mage
Chadul's Realm - Guardian of Chadul
Veltain Mines - Gan
Veltain Mines - Morg
Veltain Mines - Veltain Queen
House Macabre - Count & Countess
Mileth Floppy Field - Giant Floppy
Balanced Arena - Mechs Volkain & Godzin
Loures Sewer Canal - Skrull
Loures Sewer Canal - Blob
Loures Sewer Canal - Captain
Loures Sewer Canal - Amorphous
Water Dungeon
Andor King & Queen
Lost Ruins - Fire Serpent
Lost Ruins - Dung Boss
Lost Ruins - Law
Yowien Territory - Yowien Thief

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