Black Market

The Black Market is a building located in the centre of Rucesion (24,19).
It is only accessable to Rogues. any other class that tries to enter will be sent to Rucesion Inn.

The market sells raw gems, Spinel & Emerald rings and a few other things. There is also a bank and a trade board inside.

Misc Items
Emerald Ring
54,000 Coins
Spinel Ring
45,000 Coins
Jade Ring
100,000 Coins
Iron Gauntlet
90,000 Coins
Two-Handed Claidhmore
418,500 Coins
500 Coins
Rucesion Song
5,000 Coins

Gem Fragments
Beryl Fragment
5,000 Coins
Coral Fragment
7,500 Coins
Ruby Fragment
10,000 Coins

fior srad
500 Coins
fior athar
500 Coins
fior creag
500 Coins
fior sal
500 Coins

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