Two-handed Weapon Smithing

To smith a weapon you will need to head to the Warrior Training Grounds in Tagor.

A Warrior may smith Two-handed weapons to enhance their attributes. By Smithing a weapon it will become lighter and deal more damage. However, the level required to equip it an the repair cost will increase also.
NOTE: Swords become perishable once smithed. They will break upon death if equipped!.

You can buy unsmithed Two-handed weapons from Shay and he will also allow you to smith them. You may smith either alone or with an assistant. An assistant will increase the chance of smithing a higher grade whilst guaranteeing you won't break the sword. Smithing will consume your labor but not your assistant's.

Note: To make a Fine Two-handed Claidhmore you will need an assistant!

Sword Price
Two-handed Claidhmore
Two-handed Emerald Sword
Two-handed Gladius
Two-handed Kindjal

Each time a weapon is smithed you will receive an "Involved in Blade Smithing" mark. When you have been involved 50 times you will receive "Blade Smith #" you may improve your Blade Smithing skill up to a total of 10 to increase the chance of smithing a higher grade.

Blade Smithing Grade Chances
Level Range Destroyed No Improvement Good Fine Grand Great
0 Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare Not Possible Not Possible
1-6 Uncommon Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare Not Possible
7-10 Rare Uncommon Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare

Two-handed Blade Smithing Benefits
Type Insight Increase Weight Decrease Value Increase
Good +2 20% 2x
Fine +4 40% 4x
Grand +6 60% 6x
Great +8 80% 8x

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