Zombie Slayer

Head to House Macabre and speak to Dislaidir. Click "Zombie Slayer" to start.

Your group will be teleported into the Macabre Grave Yard, where zombies will attack you in waves that get stronger, faster and tougher with each round. Make sure your group has 4 pets. Please note that fas, aite and dion are useless here. The zombies use percentage based attacks so a 50 Health Peasant will be as tough as a 300,000 Health Gladiator.
However, the Peasant will require much less healing to be fully restored.

Required Roles

Role Description
Light Attacks
Attack the zombies with light attacks.
Set 4 pets around the mor ioc comlha so they can't be reached.
mor ioc comlha
Make sure everyone in the group is being healed constantly.
If surrounded correctly you will not be hurt.
Lyliac Plant/Vineyard
Make sure the mor ioc comhla has mana at all times.
You may also be required to flower the light attackers.
Curse the zombies so they take increased damage from light.
fas the zombies so they take increased damage from light.

Monster Behaviors

Hostile Will attack on sight.
Relentless Will not stop attacking until dead.
Dion Piercing Has dion piercing percentage-based attacks.
Bite Immobilizes the player.


Once you successfully clear round 15 your group will be teleported back to House Macabre.

Speak to Dislaidir again and click "Update Zombie Slayer Record". If you beat a previous record you will receive 5,000,000 Experience. This is repeatable as long as you can keep beating your round & kill records.

Speak to him one last time and click "Zombie Slayer Prize". You will receive 50,000,000 Experience, the Zombie Defender spell, and the Legend Mark: "Zombie Slayer Record: Round #, # zombies slayed".

The Zombie Defender deals 7,500 damage per second regardless of armor/spells and can attack through invincibility.

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