Zombie Apocalypse

Kill zombies in Mileth, Undine, Abel, Rucesion or House macabre until you have 10 bones (Zombie Tibia, Zombie Femur, Zombie Ribs, Zombie Radius, Zombie Ulna, Zombie Humerous, Zombie Clavical, Zombie Pelvis, Zombie Skull, Zombie Fibula).
They will bite you and temporarily prevent you from killing them. Just wait a few seconds and try again.

Head to House Macabre

Say "Zombies Escaped?" out loud
Say "Zombie Bones" out loud

Hunt a Raw Wax , Purchase a Dirk and a Wooden Shield
Head to Mileth Crypt Sgath room.
Follow East wall to find the secret entrance to Gigean.

Say "Zombie Bones" out loud
Say "I have all the items" out loud
Wait 5 minutes.
Say "Are you done Gigean?" out loud

You will receive a Skeleton Buddy and 20,000,000 Experience.

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