Yule Logs

Head to Torbjorn in the Soumi weapon shop at 11,54. Click "Yule Logs".
He will express his concern about the other inns of Temuair before handing you his axe and asking you to go chop firewood.

Head to Mount Giragan and kill the trees in rooms 1, 2 and 3.

Fir TreeFir Logs
Cedar TreeCedar Logs

Once you have 12 Cedar Log and 12 Fir Log head back to Torbjorn and he will give you 6 Yule Logs.

You will also need 6 fior srad. Rogues can purchase these from the Black Market.

Take a Yule Log and a fior srad to each of the inns (Mileth, Abel, Rucesion, Piet, Tagor and Soumi) and say "Yule Logs" aloud.
Once all of the inns have been given a Yule log head back to Torbjorn one last time and click "Yule Logs" to receive your reward.

You will receive:
The Legend Mark: "Crafted Yule Logs for the Inns (#)"
3x Double Bonus Exp-Ap
5,500,000 Experience

Ability Rewards:
1-10: 20,000
11-20: 40,000
21-30: 60,000
31-40: 80,000
41-50: 100,000
51+: 120,000

This Quest is repeatable every 3 days.

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