Scavenger Hunt

Head to Oren Island 55,36 to enter the Oren Ball.
(The physical entrance leads to the empty throne room. Make sure to stand on the coordinates)

Speak to Deos at 15,4. He will ask you to collect all 5 of the Scavenger Items for the Scavenger Hunt.
(Map of Oren Ball)

Scavenger Item 1 - Snobi

Head to the Oren Main Hall and find Snobi at 6,7.
Say "Sir".
He will ask how you are.
Say "Good".
Say "How are you?".
He will talk about the requirements of nobility.
Say "What are the Requirements?"
He will say there no such thing as a poor nobleman and ask if you agree.
Say "No".
He will become offended and ask what YOU think being noble takes.
Say "Heart".
He will apologise and ask for forgiveness.
Say "I forgive you".

He will give you his Scavenger Item 1.

Scavenger Item 2 - Modly & Grace

Head to Oren Main Hall and find Modly at 24,30.
Say "Hello". He will ask how you are doing.
Say "Good".
He will then ask how good you are with Females.
Say "I'm an Expert".
He will ask you to deliver a message.
Say "Yes".

Head over to Grace at 21,9.
Say "Hello".
She will greet you.
Say "I have a Friend".
She will ask what he wants.
Say "He is interested in you".
She will ask where he is.
Say "In the corner".
She tells you that she thinks he is handsome
She also says to tell him that he should introduce himself because it is improper for a girl to approach a boy.

Head back over to Modly.
Say "Go talk to her".
He will suddenly get nervous and ask what she said.
Say "She said you're handsome".
It makes him feel better knowing that someone so beautiful said that about him.
He will ask if you have any more advice before approaching her.
Say "Be yourself".

He will give you his Scavenger Item 2.

Scavenger Item 3 - Boogie

Head to Oren Main Hall and find Boogie at 17,16.
Say "Hello".

He will give you a series of riddles;

First Riddle:
"I start as a Robin and end as a Troll, inbetween I was an Apple. What creature am I?"
Say "Rat".

Second Riddle:
"If i take the amount of space in your inventory and multiplied it by the amount of gold you have, would the result be..."
Click "Higher than your current gold"

Third Riddle:
"If you add your Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom, what value do you get?"
Say "Nothing".

He will give you his Scavenger Item 3.

Scavenger Item 4 - Armando

Head to Oren Dining Hall and find Armando at 3,33.

Click "Get ingredients" and ask for a Lobster Tail and a Cauldron.
Then click "Cook" and you will receive a Lobster Meal.

Head to the Potion Bar and speak to the Bartender at 1,6 or at 23,1.
Purchase potions until you receive a Glass of Wine.

Head to Oren Main Hall and find Taster at 5,27.
Say "Hello".
He will ask if everything is okay.
Say "Good".
He will promptly run out of Wine. Physically drag the Glass of Wine and drop it on him.
He will then make a comment about Seafood. Physically drag the Lobster Meal on him.

He will give you Scavenger Item 4.

Scavenger Item 5 - Josephine

Head to Oren Dance Hall and find Josephine at 1,22.
Say "Hello".
Say "Want to dance?".
She says she doesn't know how.
Say "I can teach you".
Say either "Right", "Left" or "Forward" randomly until she thanks you.

She will give you her Scavenger Item 5.

(Right, Forward, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Left was the order in 2014)


When you have all 5 items head back to Deos to collect your reward.
You will receive one of the following:
Oren Wine , Ball Crown , Ball Tiara .

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