Pig Chase

Head to Loures Castle and speak to Jay in the Throne Room.
He will ask you to bring back a Male and Female Pig token in exchange for a prize.

Exit the castle and enter the Lover's Maze at (14,35).

To catch a pig you must stand on top of it for as long as possible.
The pig will try to escape so you must keep moving to stay on top.
If you are successful it will disappear and you will be awarded with a Male or a Female Pig Token.
The easiest way to catch them is to have another person help you trap them in a corner.

Take the pair of tokens back to Jayto claim your reward.

You will receive an Event Star Medal and one of the following:
Ability and Experience Gift 1
Ability and Experience Gift 2
Pig Hairpin
Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus
Great Experience Mushroom
Great Ability Rune
Pet Male Pig
Pet Female Pig
Pig Head Costume
Pig Body Costume

This event is repeatable every 6 hours.

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