Penguin Slayer

Head to the North Pole and enter the Toy Factory at (9,11).
In Toy factory walk to (18,6) and enter Santa's room.
In Santa's Room walk to (12,0) and enter Raindeer Pen.

Speak to Elf and he will tell you that Penguins came out of nowhere and chased the elves away.
Agree to help him then head back outside to 4-2 and kill 100 Penguins.

If you kill anything other than a penguin it will take away from your penguin kill counter.

Once you have 100 kills head back to Elf and he will give you instructions on where to receive your reward.

Go back outside and say "Merry Christmas" to the tree to claim your reward.

You will receive one of the following:

Confirmed Rewards
Gift 5
Gift 6
Gift 7
Santa Teddy
Gift 10
Yule Tree
Gift 11
Toy Doll
Gift 12
Snow Jester
Gift 13
White Beard
Gift 14
Snow Boots
Gift 15
Ear Muffs
Gift 16
Sinter Coat
Gift 17
Sinter Skirt

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