Mummy Attack

You can find the Haunted Oak inside the East wall of House Macabre during the October Events.
You must be below level 99 to enter this encounter. If you are 99 you should try the Count & Countess version instead.
Speak to the Haunted Oak to enter the Count Macabre Study.
The Chubby Mummy & 8 Skinny Mummies will spawn approximately every 15 minutes.

Recommended Roles

Role Description
Poison Snare
Weaken with poison then return to finish it off.
Damage Traps
Lay damage traps and lure the monsters over them.
Draco Monk
Deal damage whilst keeping Draco Stance up.

Boss Behaviors

Non-Hostile Will not attack unless attacked.
Horror Casts a spell that hits quite hard

Add Behaviors

Hostile Will attack on sight.
Assail Attacks with basic physical damage


The reward can vary depending on how long you spend on the map with the boss.

The group that kills the Chubby Mummy will have a chance to receive a Macabre Box.
Click here to see what could be inside your Macabre Box!

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