Lucky Clovers

Lucky Clovers will randomly appear on the ground in certain areas during the Leprechaun events. A few places to search for them are Mileth, Rucesion, Pravat and Undine. The majority will appear in plain sight but some will be hidden behind objects such as buildings and bushes. They no longer appear in lakes or streams so most of them should be reachable.

If you are newer player these are a good item to collect and sell later in the year to help pay for things you may need.

Using a Lucky Clover will grant you the Legend Mark: "Found Lucky Clovers - #".
You will also receive 5,500,000 Experience and some Ability:

Ability Level Ability received
1-10 16,500
11-20 33,000
21-30 49,500
31-40 66,000
41-50 82,500
51+ 99,000

It is a good idea to use an Exp/Ap bonus before using a Lucky Clover to increase the rewards.
It is also a good idea to use other items such as a Golden Starfish to make the most of the bonus.

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