Horse of the Gods

The horse of each god has escaped their realm and are now wandering the terrestrial lands of Temuair.
It is up to us to bring these horses back to the gods.

Horses will appear in an enviroment they are most comfortable.

To attract a horse you will need carrots or sugar beets in your inventory.
They will not follow if you have any scrolls in your inventory.

Stealing is not neccessary anymore due to the low population.
Horses can be stolen by standing within 1 tile and having a greater number of Carrots.
Sugar beets are equal to 5 Carrots

You can farm Carrots by speaking to the farmer in Tagor farm and paying 50,000,000 Coins.
After paying simply walk around the field to collect them.

The horses are slow but I reccomend farming around 5 carrots/beets because when you change rooms the horse will be teleported ontop of you and can sometimes instantly consume one.

Lead the horse back to it's appropriate temple and it will disappear.

Click "Divine Horse" to recieve your rewards.
You will receive the Legend Mark: "Received a pet from the Gods", a pet and 100,000,000 Experience.

GodHorse LocationHorse ColorPet Reward
Hostile (?? pls confirm)
CeannlaidirGrass Field145

Spinning Doll
DeochInn BedroomsLight Blue
White Baboon
FiosachdMileth CryptGold
Rouge Mushroom 3
GliocaEnchanted GardenWhite
Rouge Mushroom 2
GramailTagor JailLight Purple
Grim Succubus
LuathasMileth CollegeLavender
SgriosHouse MacabreGrey
Baby Brute

Note: These pets are not tradable.

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