Golden Starfish

Golden Starfish will randomly appear on the Islands in the Paradise areas during the Paradise events.

If you are newer player these are a good item to collect and sell later in the year to help pay for things you may need.
They are also a quick way to get monks to level 64 for Hubaes.

Using a Golden Starfish will grant you the Legend Mark: "Found a Golden Starfish".
You will also receive 5,500,000 Experience and some Ability:

Ability Level Ability received
1-10 20,000
11-20 40,000
21-30 60,000
31-40 80,000
41-50 100,000
51+ 120,000
It is a good idea to use an Exp/Ap bonus before using a Golden Starfish to increase the rewards.
It is also a good idea to use other items such as a Lucky Clover to make the most of the bonus.

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