Gilliam's Coins

You will find Gillam in the Oren Fair Entrance (15,3). Speak to him and he will tell you about how his treasured coin collection was stolen by thieves. Agree to help him then head to Abel, Rucesion or Undine and look for the thieves.

Simply attack them until they return a stolen Precious Coin .
They move very fast so assailing them will be difficult. Here are some spells I reccomend using instead:

Class Abilities
Warrior Taunt, Howl Trinket (Pure)
Wizard beag srad, Mermaid 1, pian na dion
Priest deo saighead, ard deo searg
Monk Taunt, Howl, Hail of Feathers
Rogue Star Arrow, Taunt

Once you have 25 coins return to Gillam for your reward.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Collected Gillam's precious coins", a Choice of either a Casual or a Dressy Outfit, 1,500,000 Experience and some Ability.
Ability Level Ability received
1-9 100,000
10-19 150,000
20-29 200,000
30-39 250,000
40-49 300,000
50-59 350,000
60+ 400,000

  Male Female

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