Filthy Erbies

Head to the North Pole and speak to MotherErbie.

She is embarrased by some Filthy Erbies running wild in mount merry.

She will ask you to scare away 20 of them. (Kill them)

Head to (4,13) and enter Mount Merry 5.

You will get put in one of three maps depending on your level;
Map Level Tips
5-1 1-98 Most Draco form monks with aite will be able to solo this room.
5-2 99-AB39 Keep the group fassed, aited and dioned.
They will cup if they are unable to reach you.
Use ard, fas and strong wind attacks to kill them.
5-3 AB40+
Filthy Erbie kills are map-wide. Once you have killed 20 return and click "Filthy Erbie Prize".

You will receive a Mother Erbie Gift

This event is repeatable every 3 hours.

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