Beggar's Outfit

Head to Pravat Cave and speak to the Beggar at 14,14 (or the Beggar in East Woodlands lobby at 19,9).
Click "I Need An Outfit!". When he asks you to collect 25 Scrap of Parchment click "I guess, I have nothing better to do." and then "Yes, this will be hilarious!" If you attempt to have the beggar sweeten the deal he will become upset and you will have to wait a long time to continue the quest.

You can find Scrap of Parchment on the ground in areas such as Mileth, Ruccesion and Piet.
Once you have 25 return to the Beggar and click "My reward please!"

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Supported The Temuarian Beggar", a Parchment Mask , 20,000,000 Experience and 300,000 Ability

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