Arena Bosses

Head to Loures Battle Ring.
Select "Coliseum Arena" on the Temuair World map and enter the door on the right.

Note that there is no real death penalty in this area.
You can simply speak to an attendant to ressurect and leave.

6 different Arena Bosses will spawn.
Kill them with curse, fas and light attacks.
Sleep and Poison effects (Including Cursed Tune) can cause them to fully heal.

Brutal Joeker
Lord Error
Savage Slade
Knight Eduardo
Mercenary Trial
Gladiator Error

They grant low amounts of experience and several possible rewards;
Lumen Amulet Raffle
Arena Host Bag
Water Dungeon Chest
Andor Chest
Andor Queen Chest
Double Exp/AB Star
Greatest Experience mushroom
Greatest Ability Rune
Double Skill/Spell Scroll
Staff of Clarity
Staff of Deliverance
No Reward

Each boss will respawn approximately every 75-90 minutes.

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